Company History

The fight to impact public policy Court Improvement starts with an attitude. The attitude is that we can work together to improve the way that the system operates.

Instead, 1) a sense that the children themselves do not need to be heard or that their presence in the courtroom would be harmful to them. 2) Also, parents should be involved in transition; yet, a void in the courtroom of individuals who really know the child, and 3) always, not involving parents who want an opinion and to be heard are ignored, creating a lack of communication and coordination among the stakeholders, and in some cases, a systemic discord between two or more of them.

Mission & Vission

Parents are critical in the lives of children and when the relationship is interrupted; in can be disastrous for the child. Our job as parents is to impact our children with the best chance of success. Our vision is parents and children create lasting bonds instilling citizenship, respect, leadership and honesty through character building. We believe this effort is best supported through a healthy parent-child dichotomy and approach.

At the beginning, no one could have predicted that what began as a mission to protect parent- child relationships in Texas and advocating outreach efforts in neighboring states. In a world were all individuals face discrimination, violence and even death for their beliefs, our mission will eventually go abroad.

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Jean Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Working for the safety of the community in organizing change and leadership.

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